Scenography is an interactive dialogue between space and emptiness which goes beyond the fourth wall.

In contributing to bringing out the essence of the play, I generate feelings and atmosphere of each performance through carefully chosen materials and textures.

The space then comes to life and stories breathe when characters enter. Reflecting on their journey, I build up an environment. I make them interact and imagine their movement. Through thoroughly chosen costumes, I bring humour and irony. The visual appearance spells out the offbeat depth of the characters which is a key to understand my interpretation of the script.

Scenography is a language, a poesy, an enigmatic travel which describes a vibrant landscape and atmosphere. “In short, Landscape is the link between our outer and inner selves, said Bill Viola.”

Inspired by my own travels, I’m pushed to develop exciting and quaint understandings which bring new viewpoints to existing stories. Being multilingual, I constantly seek strong references to develop an universal language through scenography.

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